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Bamboo Travel Wipes

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juicy bamboo natural facial cleansing cloths

20 individually-wrapped cloths in a to-go bag.

They are perfect for travel…no need to take your cleanser + toner + eye makeup remover

100% biodegradable, unbleached and 100% tree-free bamboo cloth. Keep them in your closet for your next adventure as they remain fresh for years!

· agua/water
· miel/honey - an emollient and nutrient with antioxidant and anti-microbial properties with the ability to absorb and retain moisture
· sorbitan laurate - mild cleansing and emulsifying agent derived from natural fatty acids
· helianthus annuus/sunflower seed oil - the extract from sunflower seeds, a rich emollient high in linoleum and oleic essential fatty acids and vitamin E
· hydrolyzed jojoba esters - skin softener naturally derived from the oil of the seed of the jojoba plant
· glycerin - a mild moisturizer that softens the skin
· decyl glucoside - a biodegradable cleanser naturally sourced from coconut fatty acid
· polyglyceryl-4 laurate - a naturally derived and biodegradable emollient and emulsifier
· dilauryl citrate - a skin conditioning emollient with moisturizing properties to soften and smooth the skin
· xanthan gum - naturally fermented corn sugar that helps to stabilize water and oil soluble ingredients
· citric acid - naturally occurring fruit acid that exfoliates dead skin cells
· dehydroacetic acid - food grade preservative, which protects against bacteria and fungus, has an excellent toxicity profile and is non-formaldehyde forming – eco cert approved
· benzyl alcohol - a naturally occurring essential oil with antimicrobial properties – eco cert approved
· potassium sorbate - a mold and yeast inhibitor that prevents the growth of mold to protect product from spoilage – eco cert approved
· sodium benzoatean - antimicrobial that prevents bacteria and fungus from developing – eco cert approved
· citrus tangerina - pure, clinical grade tangerine essential oil
· citrus aurantifolia

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