Acutederm Power Beads Microdermal Facial Polish

Acutederm Power Beads Microdermal Facial Polish

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An extremely gentle facial exfoliator that will not scratch or scar the skin. Super potent and super fine beads work wonders on eliminating epidermal layers.

• Creates epidermal resurfacing to remove dead and listless cells.
• Reduces the signs of accelerated aging of the skin caused by sun, tanning and environmental effects.
• Improves the softness and texture of the skin.

• Cleanse the skin with a soap-less, gentle cleanser, the skin should be left damp.
• Apply a modest amount to damp skin.
• Massage lightly in an upward circular motion to each side of the face and neck for up to two minutes.
• Rinse completely with tepid water making certain to remove all traces, pat dry.
• A slight pink skin tone and tingling sensation is possible. This is normal and will dissipate.
• If desired, use a cool moist compress, a cool soothing gel or a skin protectant to calm the skin.
• Always apply sunscreen if going outdoors during daylight hours

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