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Hidden Beauty

"Just for fun close your eyes and imagine how you see yourself"

Bring the best part of yourself outwards by focusing on being good to yourself. Take a pure essential face oil and massage in a circular motion around your eyes, temple, under your cheekbone and jawline. Try using a firm technique to stimulate blood flow and slowly relax your facial muscles. Take a deep breath and love the sensations in your face that you are feeling. 

Open your eyes and enjoy what you see, a refreshed face. Start with mixing some foundation with a little oil and apply to the centre of your face blending outwards. Fill in your eyebrows so they lift your eye and curl your lashes to open them more in the centre. Add a touch of dark eyeliner very thinly to your lash line at the root, creating some thickness to your lashes. Using your favourite mascara coat from the root of your lashes till they look long and thick. 

Shape your bone structure with a soft bronzer or contour colour then add a blush colour that will flush your cheeks and blend into the contoured area. Dust a touch over the middle of your nose. 

Moisturize your lips and add lip gloss or lip balm all over till you have even colour and some sheen. 

Ah, you look refreshed, awake and your beauty is brought out with a five to ten minute routine of just some makeup relaxation.

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