How to Cover Up During Covid

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Choosing the correct camouflage product that is right for your skin and colouring can be confusing. Since this instruction is specific to under your eyes, take a close look at your eyes, are they just dark, are they dark and also puffy, are they puffy but not dark, is the skin dry, oily, lined or smooth?

If you are just dark I would suggest an opaque coverage and just use small amounts at a time, apply in the corner with a small brush and then add a touch more with your finger by patting first and then blending from the outside corner of your eye towards the inside corner of your eye. Perhaps use a touch of mineral loose powder to set if you find your makeup breaks down and creases.

If you have darkness at the inside corner of your eye and then some puffiness two colours of concealer will work best. Use a concealer that is one tone lighter than your skin to block out darkness, something with a peach or pink base to it. Apply, but do not blend and then add a second colour that is one tone darker than your skin to the puffiness and gently blend over the blockout colour. You will have much better coverage and this technique should help your makeup to last longer. If you cover puffiness with a colour that is too light for your skin you will only make the area look puffier.

The Liquid Mineral Foundation once applied dries quickly on the skin and has natural coverage this is why I am including this product in the concealer category. It will work very well for people who want very light coverage under their eyes and of course it is the perfect foundation for someone with normal to oily skin.

Remember Pink or Peach base colours are very good for blocking darkness, use the texture of product that you feel gives you the most coverage with the least amount of caking. Very often clients either use too much or have too much cream on before they start their makeup application. I have chosen Brite Eyes as it is a fabulous eye treatment under your concealer as it is lightweight, yet rich in ingredients to take some of the puffiness down, using more does not make it work better. Just press a small amount of Brite Eyes under your eye and allow a minute to absorb into your skin before applying your concealer. If you are wearing any eye makeup I would wait till your eye makeup was applied before blending your concealer, and then mascara if you are careful can be the last step for your eyes. Sometimes at the very end I will add a little highlighter at the inside corner of my eye for a little sparkle.

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